Help Us Find An NGO To Give $180,000
Worth Of UX Design Services
Solutionants is subverting design education by using the learning process for social service.

During our 12-week bootcamp, our mentored students apply everything they know to create a technological tool for an NGO.

Everybody wins: the students get practice, the NGO get consultancy services and overall, the world ends up better than it was before.

How It Works
You enter the NGO's information in a form (5 minutes)
We get in touch with NGO for the screening process
We analyse the prospects alongside our advisors
We select one NGO and send the contract to sign 
The NGO uses to secure their participation
 We start the consultancy on first day of May 
Why you should nominate an NGO?

Nowadays, is widely accepted the large impact that UX Design can have in any organization...

NGO's rarely have the opportunity to get these services because of the high market values.

As an example, a Full UX Design Consultancy is worth
U$D 180,000
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Mariano A. Goren
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